Saturday, December 28, 2013

Brain Dead 13-Year-Old Jahi McMath To Be Removed From Life Support And Taken To Nursing Home

Jahi McMath

A California court has given the order to remove lovely 13-year-old girl Jahi McMath from life support after a tonsil surery went awry at the Children's Hospital Oakland in California. McMath began to bleed after surgery and went into cardiac arrest. Shortly after, the minor was declared brain dead by the hospital and now the court as well.

Vigil outside Children's Hospital Oakland

A nursing home had agred to provide long term care for McMath, but reneged at the last minute. However, McMath's mother, who appeared on television heartbroken over her daughter's medical state, has found another undisclosed nursing home that will accept McMath.

Jahi McMath and her mother

The Children's Hospital Oakland is expected to be sued for negligence and the doctor who performed the tonsillectomy surgery, brought into civil court for malpractice. Much of the details surrounding the medical aspect of what transpired has not been released to the public, due to the hospital citing HIPAA laws, regarding patient privacy.