Sunday, November 3, 2013

LAX Shooter Eligible For The Death Penalty

23-year-old New Jersey man Paul Ciancia is in critical condition after opening fire in LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) yesterday, killing a TSA officer and wounding three people. Police took down Ciancia with a bullet to the mouth and leg after he shot and killed 39-year-old father of two, TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez. This marks the first killing in the agency's 12-year history.

Paul Ciancia

Disgruntled Ciancia railed against the head of Homeland Security Janet Neapolitano and other members of government. He went there with the intent of harming federal government workers. The incident caused a panic at the airport with passengers fleeing. Planes were delayed as a result of the incident.

Gerardo Hernandez

Ciancia's family members indicate he was suicidal the day of the shooting, sending a text message to that effect. Ciancia is eligible for the death penalty and has been charged in the murder of Hernandez, among other counts relating to the violence that transpired at the airport.