Monday, November 18, 2013

HBO’s New Pornographic Gay Show ‘Looking’ Is Depraved, Debauched And Unoriginal

HBO's "Looking" didn't look for originality or adherence to the Copyright Act or Berne Convention 

HBO’s new gay show "Looking" is depraved, debauched and very unoriginal. So unoriginal it breaches three preexisting copyrights I own that they've changed from wholesome and heterosexual to gay porn (Christians take note, because that's Hollywood). Time Warner owns HBO as well as Warner Bros.

Warner Bros has been home to chronic copyright stealing pop tart Madonna for nearly thirty years, before she signed with Live Nation in an unsuccessful pairing. However, Time Warner still plays host to the singer and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie at Warner Bros Pictures, in a series of crooked business deals. HBO’s parent company, Warner Bros (Time Warner) is a company I sued in the past for criminal copyright infringement and sent the matter to the FBI, as required by the U.S. Congress under federal jurisdiction rules.
The FBI interviewed me twice about the matter, in addition to other commissioned criminal misconduct by Madonna, Warner Bros and their affiliates, regarding crimes which includes, but is not limited to hacking to copy and steal preexisting copyrights, phone hacking (News Corp scandal I broke first) and wiretapping that transpired in the case.

Madonna's private eye Anthony Pellicano was subsequently arrested 4-months after I was interviewed by the FBI twice. He was also  convicted and sentenced to 15-years in prison for his crimes. Madonna has since switched to new private investigators to continue her criminal behavior (see: Gavin DeBecker among others).

You're right it's not's gay porn!

Based on pre-release items of HBO's "Looking" that I’ve seen online, there is very provable, clear cut criminal copyright infringement of what was heterosexual, Christian copyrights I own and registered years ago, well before this show was even announced. However, Time Warner/Warner Bros has turned preexisting heterosexual Christian copyrights they stole into debauched gay porn for broadcast on HBO. Please boycott the show.

"Looking" follows the lives of gay males in San Francisco and is packed with inappropriate, explicit and graphic scenes of gay sex. Some of the actors in the film were heterosexual prior to filming, but due to paychecks and career promises in Hollywood, took questionable x-rated roles in the show to their detriment.

According to IMDB, for the first few months of 2013, "Looking" was being made by another network in Britain, under a different name. Something went bad with the deal and the British network backed out of the infringing project, which as stated above, was once was a preexisting copyrights about straight people, whose stolen storyline has now been turned gay, much like some of the previously straight actors in the show.

Time Warner owns Warner Bros (home to Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie) as well as HBO

Some of the actors in "Looking" were not known to be gay prior to this show. However, hefty paychecks and promises of fame changed that (see: Hollywood illuminati). What I don’t understand is why none of the actors in the film took their parents into consideration when filming what is basically gay porn.

Once their parents catch an eyeful of their children engaging in gay porn on screen, they are going to be shocked, shaken, heartbroken and devastated. They are going to literally cry tears. That’s a horrible thing for a parent to go through in watching something like that. I’m already being informed that some of the parents of actors connected to the show are very upset at pre-release materials.

No parent wants that for their child. Furthermore, the shock of seeing one’s son performing gay porn on TV is not good for any parent’s heart (physically or emotionally). The actors in the show owe their parents and fans (many former fans after they grasp what’s in that show) an apology for springing that debauched mess on them. It was not cute, cutting edge or funny. It was disrespectful and thoughtless. Neither will be it be funny when said actors see the effect the show will have on their careers, especially in America.

Time Warner's Illuminati eye logo

It is also going to create feelings of embarrassment and humiliation for parents of actors connected to the show once people find out or even see what their kids are doing on camera. And for what? Phony, trumped up promises of fame and fortune in Hollywood that will not materialize once audiences grasp the graphic nature of the show.

Additionally, when the general public finds out the full truth behind what went into "Looking" people are going to be appalled and never see Hollywood the same way again. The back story on "Looking" and the hateful, vengeful, malicious motivation behind it is the height of depravity. More on that in a later column (it is also going to be added to the film "Justice And Truth").


Previously, the industry pushed the sexually charged HBO show "Queer As Folks" which was overwhelmingly unpopular with audiences in America, but due to the gay factor in Hollywood, the show was given far more chances than other programs, but produced very little results.

It doesn’t matter who one sleeps with in Hollywood or what promises are issued if one compromises one’s self in going against moral codes, if audiences don’t like what they are being sold, they’re not going to buy it. You could have all the promotion, marketing and money in the world behind it, if audiences don’t like it or the image that has been created, having that big machine behind you won’t matter.