Tuesday, November 19, 2013

George Zimmerman Arrested For Attacking Girlfriend And Pulling Shotgun On Her

George Zimmerman's mug shot for assaulting girlfriend

In the September 9. 2013 Judiciary Report article "George Zimmerman Detained By Police For Pulling Gun On His Wife And Her Dad And Punching Him In The Face" the site stated, "Gun lobbyists may want to stop donating money to Zimmerman, a loose cannon who is going to embarrass them greatly with his conduct. He is the worst example of a gun owner. To my understanding, gun ownership is supposed to be about safety and protection, not threatening, bullying and terrorizing others as Zimmerman has repeatedly done to members of the public. There are people who use their guns to hunt food. Zimmerman is using his guns to hunt people."

Well, Zimmerman has proven the Judiciary Report correct again, where the site stated in the aforementioned article that he is "a loose cannon who is going to embarrass them greatly with his conduct." George Zimmerman, who is married to Shellie Zimmerman, was arrested yesterday in Florida on felony aggravated assault charges, for pulling a long barrel shotgun on his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, while threatening and attacking her during a domestic violence incident. Zimmerman violently pushed his girlfriend out of the house they shared and destroyed a piece of furniture in the yard.

Samantha Scheibe

Give Zimmerman time, he will lie and state he was trying to protect himself from Scheibe, just like with Martin. Most people didn't believe you were trying to protect yourself from a skinny 17-year-old black boy minding his own business and a jury sure won't believe you were trying to protect yourself from a skinny little white girl, who looks like Bambi (Scheibe). Give it up, Zimmerman. Time to come clean on your conduct.

My question is, why is a gun George Zimmerman's answer to everything in life. It is only supposed to be for hunting and protection, yet Zimmerman keeps pulling guns on unarmed people. Zimmerman murdered unarmed 17-year-old Miami boy Trayvon Martin with a gun. The poor child didn't do anything to him and did not deserve to be killed. Zimmerman then threatened his father-in-law and wife with a gun, punching his in-law in the face and breaking his nose. Now Zimmerman has engaged in domestic violence again, this time against his girlfriend, Scheibe, a woman he's been cheating on his wife with. The same wife who stood by him during the miscarriage of justice that was his trial for murdering Martin and outrageously being acquitted of doing the unthinkable to a minor child.

George Zimmerman punched his father-in-law David Dean in the face

The Judiciary Report has stated from the start, Zimmerman is psychopathic. He is mentally ill, with no impulse control. Further proving the site's long held theory regarding his psychopathy, Zimmerman had the gall to tell the Martin family and the world that killing Trayvon Martin was God's will. That is insane. God didn't tell him to kill Martin or anyone else. The evil in his heart told him to do so. God does not encourage people to do evil. That is not His way. The mere fact Zimmerman could believe and state this publicly says he is certifiably, criminally insane.