Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chris Brown Sues Club Accuser For Defamation Calling Her A 'Drunken Liar'

Chris Brown

R&B singer Chris Brown has filed suit against Deanna Gines for defamation of character, over accusing him of pushing her to the ground at the Heat Ultra lounge in California. Brown refers to Gines as a "drunken liar" who was tossed out of the club for pursuing and harassing him, then ended up falling down stairs and damaging her leg when security removed her from the venue.

The Judiciary Report was suspicious of Gines' story from day one, as based on information she gave authorities, the pain moved from one leg to another. That's not normal for the reported injury. Pain can spread, but jumping from one leg to another is unusual and will create skepticism.

The owner of the club also testified Brown never touched her and it was Gines who aggressively tried to get on stage with him and then into the VIP, before being ejected from the club for improper behavior. As stated in the column previously, releasing a copy of the CCTV tapes from the night in question would clear up a lot of issues in the case.