Saturday, October 19, 2013

Was Chris Brown Right To Feel Bad And Slam Rihanna For Having Sex With So Many Men In The Entertainment Industry


Chris Brown's newly released verse for the DJ Khaled song "I'm Still" slamming Rihanna is the talk of the blogosphere. Rihanna is well known for having full on sex with or performing fellatio on industry men for favors, such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, The Dream, L.A. Reid, Ashton Kutcher, Shia LaBeouf, T.I., Justin Timberlake, Meek Mill and Drake, among others. Some of these men have openly bragged about it in the industry. Some have mocked Brown to his face. No man (or woman) wants to deal with such situations and many would rather walk away than do so.

As stated in the column earlier this week, Brown's verse states, "I'm 24, yea a n****'s getting older/I don't give a f*** - my heart's getting colder/Now every n***a in the industry done f*** my b****/All my n****a said I told ya/ Now all these rap n***** wanna be political/Nah f*** that I'm a real lyrical killer."

Is Brown right for feeling a certain way about so many industry men (and women) having had sex with on and off girlfriend Rihanna, even during the time they dated. Well, yes. If you are dating someone, you don't want them having sex with others, as it is disloyal and disrespectful.

You especially don't want them having sex with others for business favors, as it resembles prostitution. Yet, Rihanna demanded loyalty and faithfulness from Brown, the man she loves and became enraged when other women tried to get with him. They were not on the same page in that relationship.

Chris Brown

It must have been difficult and annoying for Brown to go to industry events with Rihanna and look around the room knowing many of the males in there have had sex with her (no exaggeration). Yet Rihanna wanted Brown to marry her so badly, she kept pressuring him to do so (until he had an outburst on the subject) but clearly felt he was supposed to buy a cow that everyone else got the milk for free from and it bothered him. Some men don't care about those things, but many do.

Relationships should have exclusivity and loyalty. Bringing excessive amounts of baggage to a relationship or creating it during dating will lead to hang-ups, roadblocks and possible abandonment. It can lessen the love the other person has for you and become a turn off, as it did with Brown.

I'm not trying to be judgmental, as I know everyone's not a virgin, but nailing so many men (and women) for career favors is not admirable. It's not cute and she needs to stop. That's not love. That's pimping one's self out for money and fame and she refuses to stop (STDs and all). Then she gets high and drunk to numb the pain from having prostituted herself, rather than changing her behavior. No one is perfect, but the key is to become better and that's something she's not trying to do.

Whatever happened to working hard and making it on merit. Social shortcuts in life usually end in disaster. Be humble. Be mindful of other people's feelings. Do things the right way. History discounts those who do not and time adjusts itself to reflect the truth.