Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diddy Being Silent On Government Claims He Has Sex With Underage Boys Gives A Certain Impression

...That It's True!


This is a follow up to the Judiciary Report articles Music Manager Arrested For Cocaine Trafficking (May 21, 2011) and Diddy Accused Of Having Sex With Underage Boys In Government Investigation (October 17, 2013) regarding James Rosemond.


James Rosemond

Last week sensational allegations emerged from the James Rosemond criminal case revealing the government is investigating bisexual rapper and music mogul Diddy for having sex with underage boys. These claims have circulated in the industry from the 1990s when Diddy took a then 15-year-old Usher under his wing, as a upcoming singer and began sleeping in the same bed at night as the minor. Diddy also took the impressionable underage star in the making to sexual orgies, which is a crime in America.

Rosemond being perp walked by the Feds after his arrest

The Rosemond story regarding Diddy exploded on the blogosphere last week and one would think with such serious allegations the rapper/mogul would have responded, but he has not said a word. Someone accuses you of molesting boys and you don’t defend yourself. That does not look good.

James Rosemond

Rosemond, also known as "Jimmy The Henchman"is a government informant facing life in prison for cocaine trafficking and murder for hire. Prior to his arrest, Rosemond ran music management company Czar Entertainment, but what he wasn’t telling the public is it was "Czar" as in drug czar, shifting large quantities of cocaine all over America, bails covered in mustard and sent through the mail.

Tupac Skaur

Rosemond was also behind the shooting ambush shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur at a New York recording studio, for which The Notorious B.I.G. was wrongly blamed (leading to the East Coast/West Coast feud and the death of both rappers).

The Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy, who was then known as Puffy and Puff Daddy

Rosemond was a friend and colleague of Diddy among others, knowing the inner workings of their lives and businesses. It’s safe to say Rosemond saw a lot of unsavory things and snitched. This is another example of what happens when hardened criminals enter the music and film industries, bringing illegal street tactics to the boardroom. It ceases to be about entertainment and becomes organized crime.

Side Bar: You know what's ironic about Tupac and B.I.G.'s murders, the FBI knew all along people were plotting to kill them both and that the threats were completely credible, but let it happen anyway, deeming both men a problem. The FBI had both men under 24-hour surveillance at the time of their murders. The FBI surveillance agents even went to the hospitals as both men lay dying.

The Feds disliked Tupac for his black power roots with the "Black Panthers" something the federal government never wants to see rise in America again and they hate his family for their involvement in it (his mom, aunt and family friends).

Biggy was also a problem for the Feds having been mixed up in the crack cocaine drug trade and the government wondering if he had truly left it behind, but then getting spooled in with the Genovese mafia, who launders money through the music and film industries, which angered the federal government. When both men died there were no tears at the FBI. It was more good riddance.