Friday, October 18, 2013

U.S. Government Shutdown Ends But Skepticism Continues Among Workers And Political Pundits (Video)

The U.S. Congress has finally reached a deal to end the federal government shutdown plaguing the nation. Many employees of the federal government were placed on furlough and have not been paid this month, anxiously sitting at home wondering when they will be able to return to work.

It is being reported federal workers will be paid by October 29, 2013, which is good, as they will be able to catch up on any delinquent bills that occurred due the shutdown. The whole fiasco created economic damage to the United States and caused international creditors to publicly question whether the government would be able to meet its financial obligations at home and abroad.

What is concerning many is the latest deal is only a temporary fix to fund the government for the next three months. The deal brokered in Congress also raises the debt ceiling for the next 4-months. This has created skepticism, as it means another shutdown could happen. However, let's hope the horrible publicity Congress received along with a sound bashing in the polls, will serve as incentive for lawmakers to strike a balanced, lasting deal that will stop this from transpiring again in the New Year.