Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Man Who Murdered Adrian Peterson's Son Has A History Of Violence Against Women And Children

Adrian Peterson

Ty Doohen, the 2-year-old son of NFL football player, Adrian Peterson, who plays for the Minnesota Vikings, was beaten to death by Joseph Patterson, the boyfriend of Ann "Ashley" Doohen, the mother of the deceased toddler. The story has made headlines in several countries.

Joseph Patterson

Doohen and Peterson briefly dated and she fell pregnant. She did not inform Peterson of the pregnancy, believing the child to be the son of another man. However, when Doohen filed a paternity case regarding Ty, she discovered the man in question was not the father of the tot and that Peterson had sired her child.

Ashley Doohen

Peterson met Ty for the first time as he lay dying in the hospital on Thursday. Patterson initially phoned emergency services reporting Ty had choked on candy. However, medical staff at the hospital inspected the child and formally stated he has injuries "consistent with abuse." Patterson was arrested on assault charges. However, on Friday, little Ty died and the charges are expected to be upgraded to murder.

Ty Doohen

Doohen left Ty with Patterson while she went shopping, when the deadly incident occurred. Just days prior to this story, the Judiciary Report wrote, "Women also need to be careful regarding leaving their sons with male or female strangers" (Heavy Public Criticism And Concern Over Chris Brown Stating He Lost His Virginity At Age 8). The death of Ty Doohen is another example of this. There are some great, decent people out there, but there are unethical ones as well. Sometimes you don't know who you're dealing with until something bad happens.

Ty Doohen

It has since emerged, Patterson was accused of violently beating the child of an ex-girlfriend to the point the mother stated she had to use ice to bring down the swelling and welts on the child’s buttocks. The unnamed woman obtained a restraining order against Patterson to protect herself and her child. Patterson was also accused of domestic violence in another case.