Friday, October 11, 2013

Congress In Trouble As 60% Of Americans Want Them Voted Out And Fired Over Government Shutdown

Head of the Republican Party, Senator John Boehner and leader of the Democrat Party, President Barack Obama

An NBC poll reveals 60% of Americans want every member of Congress voted out, fired for the current federal government shutdown. Their inability to address national debt, budget deficits and ObamaCare, among other things, all while consistently voting for and approving salary increases for themselves, is not sitting well with the public.


Once again, they need to end the shutdown. Government workers who are currently not being paid have mortgages, car payments, gas, utility and food costs to pay for and need their money. Non-payment of bills such as mortgages and car payments will also damage their credit reports and put them in danger of default (foreclosure, repossession). This is not the time for politicians to be playing chicken.


NBC/WSJ poll: 60 percent say fire every member of Congress

Throw the bums out. That’s the message 60 percent of Americans are sending to Washington in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, saying if they had the chance to vote to defeat and replace every single member of Congress, including their own representative, they would. Just 35 percent say they would not.

According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll, the shutdown has been a political disaster. One in three say the shutdown has directly impacted their lives, and 65 percent say the shutdown is doing quite a bit of harm to the economy. NBC's Chuck Todd reports.