Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obamacare Website Bashed So Much The President Calls The Computer Professionals

The ObamaCare website that crashed upon launch this month is still being heavily criticized by the general public and political pundits. The site continues to struggle with freezes, glitches and crashes, reducing its performance and usability. The rollout was anything but smooth, creating political problems for the president.

President Obama has drafted in professionals to fix the much maligned website. Did he call the Geek Squad, you ask? No. The president called Verizon to fix the malfunctioning website. Honestly, with the problems they've been having, they probably need NASA to fix that thing! Kidding.

Barack Obama

Someone in the government’s tech department should have anticipated the traffic the site would receive after such a high profile launch. There were bound to be problems with a site hosting that much traffic, but the extent thereof in this instance reveals they were truly unprepared and unable to handle it.