Friday, October 4, 2013

Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Case Defeat Adds To His Family's Heartbreak But Was AEG Really Liable

Michael Jackson
The family of late pop star, Michael Jackson, was handed a definitive and heartbreaking defeat in court, regarding the wrongful death lawsuit they filed against promoter AEG. The family alleged in court documents AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray who overdosed Jackson on the potent anesthetic Propofol, killing him in his sleep. The jury found AEG was not liable in Jackson's death, as at the time the company hired him to be Jackson's doctor, he was in good medical standing regarding his license and record. The jury came to the correct conclusion.

Murray is the one responsible for Jackson's death. He has served a measly 2-years on a 4-year sentence regarding the criminally negligent homicide and bears the brunt of the blame. AEG had nothing to gain from Jackson's passing. The tour would have made them money.

Conrad Murray
Jackson needed the money as well and claims AEG pushed him too hard are dodgy, as he always rigorously practice for tours. Jackson was not going to go out there unprepared and out of tune or step with his dancers. Poor nutrition (Jackson was not eating well due to the effects of the drugs on his system), exhausting rehearsals (under the guise of being a perfectionist) and the wanton misuse of pharmaceutical grade drugs as improperly and negligently applied by Murray ended in tragedy.

As LaToya Jackson pointed out a few years ago, echoing the Judiciary Report's previous claims, Sony is the one who had the most to gain from Jackson's death. They've made a fortune in posthumous sales off Jackson, as they did with Whitney Houston's passing and that of other singers. Jackson's death also makes it easier for Sony to gain full control over the Sony/ATV catalog, ram packed with copyright infringing songs the company keeps stealing from various songwriters, which Jackson co-owned.

Michael Jackson's kids and mother Katherine
Sadly, Hollywood is run by organized crime and they like to keep ownership on a certain level among a handful of people. Jackson, much like Sam Cooke who owned his own substantial publishing, disrupted the order and was killed for it under suspicious circumstances.