Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Floyd Mayweather Slams One Of His Girlfriends As 'Garbage'

Floyd Mayweather is being used for his money and fame

Two days ago, Floyd Mayweather responded to an item from former friend turned rival rapper 50 Cent, slamming one of the boxer's girlfriends, Queen Princess Love (what a name) who I wrote about two weeks ago stating she is using Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather Could Lose A Fortune On His 8 Girlfriends And Here's Why).

50 Cent stated Mayweather needs to "repo" as in take back all the lavish gifts he bought her, such as several pairs of pricey Louboutin shoes, a diamond necklace and rings, which she proudly showed off online, for cheating on him with rapper/reality star Ray J.

Really, you again Ray J. The government, namely the CDC, needs to put an electrical wire on your you know what, so that anytime you sexually go near someone's girlfriend it will send a shock right through your crown jewels, forcing you to stop. But I digress...


Princess Queen Love is one of several girlfriends Mayweather unwisely maintains as concubines, while demanding they be faithful to him. How can you ask them to be faithful when you are not. Furthermore, for years the Judiciary Report has warned against men lavishing women with gifts who do not love them, but their possessions.

It's one thing giving expensive gifts to someone you are dating, who buys you gifts of the same caliber or if it is the mother of your child/children or your wife. However, lavishing expensive gifts on a woman you've know for a few weeks or months is setting yourself up for disappointment, heartbreak and a fall. You're being used.

Queen Princess Love

This week, Mayweather is angry at discovering he is being used (just like the Judiciary Report warned weeks ago) and posted an item to Instagram complaining, when I could have told you that for free before you spent all that money (actually I did, weeks ago before this happened see this article again: Floyd Mayweather Could Lose A Fortune On His 8 Girlfriends And Here's Why).

50 Cent getting flirty with Floyd's fiancée Shantel Jackson, another one using him for his money and connections

Mayweather wrote, "When you take a broken person out of the slums and give them a chance at bettering themselves. In due time their true colors will eventually reveal itself. That's why they say, leave trash in the garbage for bums to dig through, because you can find yourself hanging around garbage so much you will forget how rotten it is." Ouch!

Josie Harris is the mother of Mayweather's children, whom he should marry, but that's his choice.

Well, not everyone from "the slums" is greedy or unethical. There's nothing wrong with being poor. There are many people who are from the projects/ghetto, who worked very hard and became successful doctors, lawyers, judges and educators on their own merit. You have rich greedy people and you have poor greedy people. It's a mindset and what's in a person's heart, not where they are from.