Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TV Executives Downgrade Rihanna's Reality Show 'Styled To Rock'

Fashion advice from Rihanna, I think not!

Rihanna's reality show styled to rock was dropped in Britain for abysmally low ratings, which hit historic lows for its genre and content. After begging for it to stay on the air, the show was sent to America on the Style Network. However, as the show was about to air, NBC shutdown the Style Network.

Based on reports, execs at NBC, who also owns Bravo, did not like "Styled To Rock" but as it has already been recorded they've given it a bad time slot on Friday night on the aforementioned channel. With all of Rihanna's court problems for copyright infringement and plagiarism, Bravo needs to carefully screen the content to make sure she is in compliance with the law.