Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chris Brown Disses Rihanna In Song Stating Everyone's Had Sex With Her


R&B singer Chris Brown put out an unreleased verse from DJ Khaled's "I'm Still" where he slams on and off again girlfriend Rihanna as an entertainment industry mattress, who's had sex with many men. Rihanna has been having sex with men and women in the industry for songs and movie roles, in what has fueled her entire fraudulent career.

Chris Brown

Brown stated on the track, "I'm 24, yea a n****'s getting older/I don't give a f*** - my heart's getting colder/Now every n*gga in the industry done f*** my b****/All my n***** said I told ya/ Now all these rap n***** wanna be political/Nah f*** that I'm a real lyrical killer." Brown has repeatedly insisted, as have others, that Rihanna is very promiscuous and is getting passed around Hollywood.