Thursday, October 17, 2013

74% Of Americans Want Congress Fired And Voted Out

Congress has been fighting with U.S. President Barack Obama over his healthcare program dubbed ObamaCare

A new poll conducted by the influential Pew Research Center reveals 74% of Americans want Congress fired, voted out, over the recent government shutdown. This number is up 14% from the initial poll done a week ago on the matter. This does not spell good news for congressional incumbents. It is being stated a deal has been reached regarding the shutdown, but damage has been done.

Head of the Republican Party, Senator John Boehner and leader of the Democrat Party, President Barack Obama

Congress has so fallen afoul of the American people with the current shutdown it has reverberated all over the country directly to Washington. Can you blame people for feeling the way they do. Members of Congress on both sides made this a political issue, when times are hard for most.


To know scores of federal workers have not been getting their paychecks, when they have financial obligations to meet offended many, even those not directly touched by the shutdown. Some were already behind in their bills and the shutdown made things worse. Not to mention, the emotional distress and uncertainty for workers and the nation as a whole. Congress can do better than this.


Poll: Voters want to throw out bums in Congress On Politics

4:11 p.m. EDT October 15, 2013 - Voters are fed up with Congress and want to throw the bums out. That's one takeaway from a Pew Research Center poll released Tuesday that shows a record 74% of registered voters would like to see most members of Congress defeated in 2014. At this same point in the 2010 and 2006 midterm elections — which resulted in the House flipping party control — only about half wanted to see most lawmakers booted from office...