Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miley Cyrus New Black Boyfriend May Explain Her New Image

Miley Cyrus and her new boyfriend Mike

Well, as you've all witnessed over the past few weeks, once wholesome Disney actress/singer, Miley Cyrus, has turned into a twerking stripper right before the public's eyes. How do I put this delicately, Miley has been acting "ratchet."

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus get inappropriate at the VMAs last month

Well, blogs have uncovered a clue regarding the source of the ratchetry. Cyrus is dating music producer, Mike Will.Made.It, who is no chivalrous, sweet talking smoothie like producer Babyface. Mike is rough. Miley didn't just go black...she went ALLLLLL the way black. You see, there are different levels of black (white people reading the site, don’t repeat this LOL).

Gucci Mane

It’s nothing to do with skin tone. It’s about attitude and mindset. There’s Drake and Babyface level of blackness - romantic, poem writing dudes sending you flowers and telling you how they can make your life better. Then there’s ALLLL the way black (for further reference see: Gucci Mane).