Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kelly Price Being Slammed All Over Social Networking For Her Treatment Of Costars On R&B Divas LA


R&B Divas LA

Many people are stating it was a bad idea for singer Kelly Price to do the reality show "R&B Divas LA" as her name and image have been destroyed. Price is being slammed all over social networking and blogs as a bully who is full of herself. The comments aren't pretty.

Kelly Price

However, it was to be expected, as viewers have witnessed as Price threatened singer Chante Moore with violence, then tried to sick her hulking husband on poor Lil Mo, a short singer who tried to talk to and make peace with her over the conflicts Price created. That was not nice.

Chante Moore

At the start of the show, some assumed that because Lil Mo hangs out with and has made records with a lot of tough rappers, she would be the one to start something on the show. However, to the contrary, she has been relaxed and funny. Price has been the drama starter bringing ego and sorry to state it, trouble.