Thursday, August 22, 2013

Female Rapper Stevie J Impregnated While Cheating On Joseline Hernandez Releases Diss Track About Them


Joseline Hernandez: she better hide...

Last week it was revealed aspiring rapper Promise B Mae, is pregnant with the 6th child of music producer and "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" star Stevie J, who is reportedly married to costar Joseline Hernandez. Based on the timeline, this occurred while he was dating Hernandez, meaning he cheated on her. Why is Stevie J so promiscuous and wanton with his sperm. He must enjoy writing child support checks all over the place to different women.

Stevie J looking thirsty

Last week in the August 13, 2013 Judiciary Report article "Stevie J Gets An Aspiring Artist Pregnant And It’s Not His Wife JoselineHernandez" the site joked regarding Promise B Mae, using a caption I made up which stated "I got the beefcake" which is Hernandez's code name for Stevie J's penis. One week later, Promise B Mae has released a diss track entitled "Stevie" about Stevie J and Josline with the lyric "I got the beefcake" (LOL). Oh, that track is all sorts of wrong, as Promise B Mae samples Joseline's voice saying Stevie's name as "Stebie."

Promise B Mae

Promise B Mae, who sounds like Nicki Minaj, raps about Stevie J performing oral sex on her then penetrating her, which has led to pregnancy. The line that really clowned Stevie J is when she said "he made the rat face." He sure does, doesn't he. Dude thinks he is Despareux: