Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chris Brown Hit With 1,000 More Community Service Hours In Lieu Of Jail

Chris Brown in court

A probation violation hearing today against singer Chris Brown, didn't go as badly as it could have, resulting in jail time. However, as the prosecutor accused Brown of faking community service hours, whilst on probation stemming from the physical fight he got into with then girlfriend Rihanna, the matter was brought before the judge.

Chris Brown (center) and lawyer Mark Geragos (far right)

The prosecutor struck a deal with Brown adding 1,000 new community service hours to his probationary requirements, which would equal roughly six months of work doing things such as picking up trash, removing graffiti and mopping floors. The community service will be done in Los Angeles under the watchful eye of the prosecutor, rather than Brown's home state of Virginia. Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos argued his client did complete the required hours, but this deal was acceptable, as prosecutors began bringing up several alleged violations that could have resulted in jail time.