Thursday, July 11, 2013

With NFL Star Aaron Hernandez In Prison On Murder Charges What Will Happen To His $44,000,000 Fortune

Aaron Hernandez
Former New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez, had it all. Health, good looks, beautiful fiancée, adorable baby and a lucrative football career in the NFL, a place very few make it, as one has to be the cream of the crop in the sport. Hernandez signed a $44,000,000 contract with the Patriots that was summarily terminated when he was arrested for the murder of up and coming football player Odin Lloyd.

Advances were given on the contract totaling millions, but with the way these contracts are often drafted, one must see them through to completion to receive the full amount stipulated. Nonetheless, Hernandez made millions from the contract and product endorsements. With his NFL career at an end, as he sits behind bars with no bail, what will become of the millions he has earned thus far.

Aaron Hernandez, fiancée Shayanna Jenkins and their baby girl
His daughter and fiancée will be provided for, but a wrongful death lawsuit could essentially wipe him out. Hernandez has also been sued for shooting a man in the face, which could deplete even more of his wealth. And the moral of the story is be thankful for your opportunities in life and do not take them for granted.