Friday, July 5, 2013

Wendi Deng Murdoch Cheated On Rupert Murdoch Getting The Yang Somewhere Else

Sorry, I Don't Know The Chinese Word For "Penis" Or "Sex" Hence The Use Of The Word "Yang"

Rupert Murdoch and soon to be ex-wife Wendi Murdoch, who is looking awfully bored in that picture.

For years the Judiciary Report has repeatedly implied Wendi Murdoch, the wife of media villain Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corp, has been cheating on him (he filed for divorce last month). Wendi, who is 40-years younger than Murdoch, left her other older husband to be with him and he did the same regarding his wife of three decades. It was a match made in hell, as heaven wouldn't bring something like that together, hurting others via divorce so their spouse can run off with someone else.

When one marries someone half one's age, one runs the risk that the person may cheat with someone younger. Wendi did, as did the late Anna Nichole Smith, after marrying a man over 50-years her senior. The minute he said I do, Smith left the ailing man in Texas to go have sex with hunky men.

Both Wendi and Anna married for money and privilege, rather than love and it backfired, when their spouses turned on them for cheating. Don't get me wrong, not all women engage in said conduct (However, Wendi and Anna are two high profile examples people know of, who can be cited in this article). There are women who marry older men and are faithful to them. If one enters into a marriage, one should honor those vows. It is the right, decent thing to do.