Monday, July 22, 2013

The Devastated Wife Of Basketball Player Tim Duncan Says He Is Bisexual And Cheating On Her With A Man

Amy Duncan, the estranged wife of NBA star, Tim Duncan, filed for divorce from him this year. According to the Hollywood Post, Amy, the mother of his two young children, has now alleged that Tim is bisexual and has cheated on her throughout the marriage. She states Tim’s boyfriend even lived with them for the first two years of their marriage, before he allegedly bought the unnamed man a condo.

Why do some men do this. If you are gay, you should not be marrying a woman, getting her hopes up and then letting her down in such a devastating manner, with bisexual behavior. Dishonesty to project an image for personal and financial gain, while wrecking others’ lives is selfish, unfair and dishonest.

However, you see it in the entertainment industry, where some men lead women along a primrose path, knowing full well they have no intention of honoring their marriage vows or being faithful boyfriends, in favor of pursuing men. They openly flirt with other men, completely and totally disrespecting and dishonoring their girlfriends and later their wives, who end up with psychological issues from it. To claim to care about someone and do that to them is wholly wrong.

Tim Duncan, alleged boyfriend and his wife

People should not be left in the dark in this manner, an unwitting participant in a lie. And what about the children. No child could take such a thing well, especially with the unprovoked teasing it will bring from others. Not to mention the long term psychological damage it creates.


Wife Of Tim Duncan Claims He’s Gay In Divorce Proceedings

Posted by Eleven8 on July 21, 2013 at 2:06pm - Tim Duncan's estranged wife, Amy Duncan, claims that it's not her cheating that sent the couple into divorce court, it's actually Tim's longtime boyfriend. Wow!
Tim met and dated Amy while attending Wake Forest University. According to Amy, that's not the only person he dated. Allegedly Tim had a boyfriend that he lived with through out college, four years after college and his "lover" even lived with Tim and Amy the first 2 years they were married. Eventually Tim bought his "friend" a condo...

Tim Duncan's Wife Claims He Is Bisexual

Future Hall of Famer, Tim Duncan, and his soon to be ex-wife, Amy Duncan,divorce continues to spiral out of control. It all started when news broke that Amy was cheating on Tim and divorce was being filed. Then, we later find out the man she was cheating on Tim with was actually their trainer. Now, just a few moments ago, the Hollywood Post reported: "Amy claims that Duncan is bisexual and has a boyfriend on the side for years, which led to their divorce."

Apparently, Tim and the antonymous man were friends during their four years together at Wake Forest. The man lived with Tim and Amy for the first two years of their marriage and only moved out because Tim bought him a condo nearby...