Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dangers Of Trapping A Man With Pregnancy In Trying To Make Him Stay

Some women cling to men they simply do not belong with. They are incompatible and have major differences. However, whether it be believing they love the person, it becoming an unhealthy obsession or trying to latch on to a man who is wealthy and or famous, some women get desperate when a man won't commit to them.

This desperation can lead to them doing unethical things, such as lying about birth control or  sabotaging condoms, in order to trick a man into an unplanned pregnancy. No man wants or appreciates such behavior from a woman, as it creates trust issues and feelings of betrayal in being duped and set up. You also run the risk of the pregnancy not turning out as planned, creating even more heartbreak for you and the man.

If a man wants to leave you, tricking him into pregnancy is not going to make him stay. It's a bad idea. He will be more inclined to leave, resentfully feeling he cannot trust you. If your boyfriend finds someone he deems more suitable and believes is the one for him, he will want to leave whether or not you are pregnant. Men do that all the time.

What happens when you trick him into pregnancy, wrongly believing it will trap him and make him stay, he leaves, marries another and gets her pregnant. He will not give your child the time and attention deserved, as his new family will be the priority. This has happened time and time again. Why put yourself in that situation.
If a couple is not married, there is no use in them staying together when they discover they are incompatible and not right for each other. People also should not cheat under those circumstances, as it is dishonest. It is better to break up than do that.

One needs to be honest with one's self and not get tied down in a relationship for the sake of having one, when you full well know the one you are with is not the one for you. In your heart you know when you find that great love, your soul mate. Settling for anything less is not going to make you happy. You have your life to live. While you sit in a relationship of convenience with someone you know is not the one for you, the one who is the right one for you, will end up passing you by, going off with someone else.

There are many women who have realized the one they have been dating is not the right one for them and let go, backed off, ending the relationship. But some women get carried away, determined they will cling to a man they know does not love them, refusing to let go, even if it destroys his life and their own. If you truly care about someone (that's single) you would want them to find true love, even if it is not with you - hence letting them go. Why would you want a man who does not love you, when you could find one who will.

You need to pay attention to your instincts. That doubt and lack of peace in one's soul about someone is an indicator that something is wrong. People often overlook what they are seeing and feeling while dating, regarding things that are underlying, valid concerns.

It is better to be single and wait for the right one, than linger with the wrong one out of convenience, even living in sin (living together and not married) while the right one passes you by, as it will cause you long term unhappiness for short term sexual gratification with someone you're simply not supposed to be with. You will jeopardize your future in doing so.

Living with someone you're not married to is not the best idea. So much can go wrong (and often does). Not to be judgmental, but there are so many ways both partners can end up hurt and damaged from living together while not married. Then you start making serious decisions that only married people should undertake. One of my friends bought a house with her boyfriend and the relationship deteriorated not long after they moved in. They ended up in court over the house in a very acrimonious legal battle costing them both a lot of money and bad feelings. They walked away from the experience very hurt.

In another incident I know, a man moved in his money hungry girlfriend, who was costing him over $500 per month in gifts and items she kept asking for. She even began costing him business opportunities with her clingy, temperamental conduct, trying to push people out of his life and control him at every turn, fearing he would leave. It's like she knew in her heart he didn't love her and it was all about sex. When he finally met someone he fell madly in love with, the woman rejected him because he had a live-in girlfriend (seriously, who in their right mind wants to date a man with a live in girlfriend). He quickly tried to put his girlfriend out, but during the time he worked on getting her out of the property, someone else began dating the woman he fell in love with and proposed to her, leaving him heartbroken. 

Once you find the right person for you, you will know, just make sure you haven't put yourself in a situation that will put you at a disadvantage in getting them. The best way to gain guidance on who is the right person for you is through prayer. Ask God to bring the right person into your life. Ask God to proverbially open the right doors and close the wrong ones in your life as well, lest you make a mistake in choosing the wrong one and end up unhappy and full of regrets. Your future is depending on it.