Friday, July 26, 2013

Is Gabrielle Union Responsible For The Decline In The Mental Health Of Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife Via Scheming And Online Taunts


Dywane Wade and Siohvaughn Wade

Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union is greatly disliked in the blogosphere. She is known as a homewrecker that damaged three marriages. When she set her sights on well-known Miami Heat basketball star, Dwyane Wade, she began targeting his wife as well, but in Siohvaughn Wade's case, in a negative way.

Dywane Wade and Siohvaughn Wade

Union envied and coveted Siohvaughn's family and schemed and manipulated to get it. Union, who has no children, even began acting in a possessive manner towards Wade's kids that upset and alarmed Siohvaughn. Union made a number of tweets and posts on Instagram, trying to play mind games with Siohvaughn, a woman she tried to move heaven and earth in replacing. The way she was posing up with the Wade kids in photos, smirking, knowing Siohvaughn would see the pics, wasn't cute.

Gabrielle Union

Union's scheming conduct proved too much for Siohvaughn, who experienced a mental breakdown. She began engaging in desperate, ill-advised stunts to gain her husband's attention, as he began to drift away. Meanwhile Union cackled like a witch on social networking sites and dug her stilettos in, via subtweets and toxic comments. You're not smart Gabrielle and we're not dumb. The public knows what you've been doing, as feedback comments all over the internet indicate.

Gabrielle Union 

Siohvaughn fought back, but in the wrong way and lost custody of her children. Wanting to hurt Wade, she even lied about him not supporting her financially and claiming in court papers he gave her an STD, which was unfounded. It begs the question, as Hollywood is a twisted place where stars like to hire private investigators to harass and terrorize people and celebrities who lack morals like to steal people's spouses which always comes back to bite them is Union responsible for the deterioration in Siohvaughn's mental health.


Siohvaughn Wade having a mental breakdown in public

The Judiciary Report is of the belief, Kabbalah/Illuminati member, Union, who is known for being a twisted, vindictive, difficult witch behind the scenes, played a great role in Siohvaughn's mental health crisis. Do remember, you reap what you sow. Reports in the Miami Herald (yes, the Miami Herald) and on social networking indicate Wade is already cheating on Union with a woman on Miami Beach and a second chick in Miami as well.

But go ahead Gabrielle, keep making a fool of yourself dragging that man down the aisles kicking and screaming, as he clearly doesn't want to marry you. He was never yours anyway and never truly will be. You stole him from a woman, Siohvaughn, who God deemed his true mate via marriage (and that's going to come back to you Gabrielle, as what goes around comes around - you don't go around destroying people's families and God not bring it back to you). However, it's time for Siohvaughn to let go and move on.

As for Union, I will not support or promote her projects online. It's hard to watch a movie and get into it knowing the woman behind the character keeps breaking up people's marriages and taunting people online she has done wrong. Besides, she plays the same sour, bitter woman in every role - art imitating life, I see...