Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chris Brown Sued Over Security Throwing Woman Out Of Club

Chris Brown

24-year-old clubgoer Deanna Gines has sued singer Chris Brown for $25,000 over an incident at Ultra night club that she started. Gines initiated it by following Brown throughout the club. It was reported she kept trying to jump on stage during his set, causing the conflict. After his performance, Gines reportedly kept trying to gain access to the VIP section Brown was seated in with his entourage and was forcefully escorted away from the area by club security.

Deanna Gines

A drunken Gines later tumbled down a flight of stairs on her way out of the club and injured herself. She alleges in legal papers Brown pushed her and she fell to her knees, creating the leg injury. Ironically, the injury moved from one leg to the other, causing some to doubt her story. She states Brown did not apology, therefore she is suing. The Judiciary Report is in favor of surveillance tapes from the club being released to explain what transpired during this incident.