Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jay-Z Accused Of Faking Record Sales Again (Wall Street Journal)


Scared his next album will be another sales disappointment, rapper Jay-Z has signed a deal with Samsung, who will buy and distribute for free, 1 million copies of his forthcoming CD. Many are criticizing the move as a sales scheme on Jay-Z's end.

Previously, Jay-Z was slammed for a massive sales scandal that discredited well known music industry company Soundscan (Jay-Z turned it into Soundscam). Jay-Z, a one time drug dealer who still brags about said misbehavior in a manner not helpful to impressionable people, rather than denouncing it, bribed retailers to scan the same copy of his CD through the register repeatedly to register higher sales.

It gave him undeserved and unearned number one records on Billboard, also discrediting and tainting their charts, while robbing others of their rightful position and accolades. From day one Jay-Z entered the music industry with drug money, using it to fund his record company Rockafella and engage in illegal payola to guarantee him airplay, which counts towards number one singles on the music charts.

Jay-Z, who has been faced with a string of business failures, has a career that is all smoke and mirrors, to create the illusion of success. It's one thing to take payment for advertising tweets on Twitter, as many have done so as a legitimate business. However, things have gone so far regarding Jay-Z that he pays people to tweet compliments about him, his appearance, daughter, wife and career. That's just sad. 


Samsung to Give Away 1 Million Copies of Jay-Z’s New Album

June 16, 2013, 9:26 PM - ...The connection: Samsung has purchased 1 million copies of Jay-Z’s coming album, entitled "Magna Carta Holy Grail," slated for release July 4, and plans to give them to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users for free – 72 hours ahead of the release. The users are to receive the music through an app they’ll receive later this month. (Recipients won’t be able to share it until the official release date.). Samsung paid $5 apiece for the albums, according to a person familiar with the matter. It wasn’t immediately clear if Nielsen SoundScan will count Samsung’s purchases in its sales tallies.