Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bad Lawyer Alert: Sarah Steinbaum Of The Jacoby And Meyers Law Firm (Broadspire And Turnberry Associates)

Buyer Beware

Sarah Steinbaum

I found out about attorney Sarah Steinbaum of the law firm of Jacoby and Meyers located at 2541 S.W. 27th Avenue # 300, Miami, Florida 33133, as someone I know retained her to pursue a legal matter where an old lady was seriously injured and could have died.

Kooky Steinbaum took the case...then proceeded to sit on it for almost 2-years, barely lifting a finger, in conduct that has curiously benefited the opposing side (Broadspire Insurance Company representing Aventura Mall and their management Turnberry Associates in Miami, whose negligent and careless conduct directly caused the serious injury of the old lady).

What kind of lawyer sends a "demand letter" that is basically ignored, then several months later, Steinbaum hasn't filed suit in court. There is no offer on the table by Aventura Mall or Turnberry to pay the mounting medical bills or provide compensation to the injured old lady, who can't even have elective surgery to repair the painful damage (broken bone in the leg and extensive ligament tearing in the arm and leg) lest she has a fatal heart attack, due to her age and the fact she is now on nitroglycerin after the incident.

Aventura Mall and Turnberry tried to cover up the incident, initially refusing to call 911 after the injury they caused the old lady, who was in excruciating pain, They stated the old lady was fine. Doctors later confirmed otherwise. As stated above, doctors confirmed the old lady sustained a broken bone in her leg and extensive ligament tearing in the arm and leg due to the incident, which is very painful. No apology was ever given.

Steinbaum has breached accepted legal standards and protocol in how said case has been handled. She has even admitted to dropping the ball in following through on items she promised to regarding the client, which the Bar Association says one must keep in order to maintain their standard of professionalism.

Steinbaum failed to take the proper and necessary legal action to produce an amicable outcome in the case in conduct that is bizarre and troubling. Her conduct has been unorthodox and unprofessional. She routinely fails to return calls and on the few occasions she does, it's a slew of broken promises and bull.

Steinbaum routinely fails to keep the client abreast of the case and tries to manipulate and play mind games with the injured old lady, which is a disgusting thing to do. She also routinely fails to send the required legal documents to the client, repeatedly promising to do so and failing to keep her word for months on end. What kind of lawyer does that. Certainly not a good and professional one according to the Florida Bar.

When an old person is seriously injured and suffering in pain through no fault of their own, while THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN MEDICAL BILLS are mounting that said injured party is liable for, as Medicare has refused to cover it blaming Broadspire, Aventura Mall and Turnberry Associates, one would think that would be incentive for Steinbaum to move her backside.

When reputable physical therapists working with the injured old lady are complaining that items related to her treatment and therapy are not covered, flat out blaming "Broadspire" and their unconscionable conduct, then informing the patient she is liable for the medical bills, what does that say about Steinbaum.

But Steinbaum strangely has no worries or sense of urgency while the injured old lady suffers. Steinbaum is just breezing along like she has all the time in the world and not a care, while an injured old lady's health deteriorates and medical bills pile up, through no fault of her own. How is that justice?

One also has to wonder, why Steinbaum is so casual about it all, while Broadspire's opposing counsel, who based on Steinbaum's words, apparently thinks he is God and no one can threaten to sue or sue him, could care less about the well being of the injured elderly. It doesn't look right on either of you. It also gives a certain impression.

I’ve seen other law firms in Florida and California, of various firm sizes and ethnic backgrounds, pursue similar cases for other victims and successfully achieve a positive outcome via the proper legal channels (and in a timely fashion). So for the life of me, looking at these legal docs and what I have been told about the case, I don’t know what Sarah Steinbaum is doing, as it has deviated from established legal standards. Two years and no movement on a case is inexcusable and pure bull. Meanwhile the statute of limitations is running out...

And rather than getting her backside off a case, which she has shown via her conduct, she has no intention of properly pursuing, Steinbaum has been digging in creating even more damage. If it were up to the Judiciary Report, Steinbaum would be investigated and disbarred, prohibited from practicing law ever again. It's a mystery why Jacoby and Meyers employs such a loose cannon, who is going to end up costing them revenues. One can only deduce they agree with her poor standards. She's a slick bull talker, who can't be trusted and isn't worth injured litigants' time. Avoid her like the plague, lest she screw up your case and life waiting on empty promises that do not materialize.

Formal questions need to be asked about Broadspire as well. Clients such as Aventura and Turnberry Associates, pay them insurance premiums, yet Broadspire refuses to pay medical bills and compensation when one of their clients engages in gross and wanton negligence that could have left an old lady dead, saddling her with painful injuries, which are well documented by three medical offices. Explain that to me. What is the purpose of insurance then. What kind of game are you playing. The State of Florida needs to look into Broadspire, because something is not right there. 

I would advise corporations to think twice about hiring Broadspire. They'll end up getting you sued in a court of law and generate more bad publicity for your company and brand than 10 public relations firms can fix. 
I've seen different insurance companies in action on various cases. Many of them drag their feet to try to avoid paying claims, but for the most part they come around after a while and honor their commitments. But not Broadspire. I've never seen anything like it, based on the few letters I've read between Steinbaum and their company and what I was informed they arrogantly stated. I've seen insurance companies in a variety of legal cases stall for up to 6-months, then honor their policies and commitments - BUT NEVER 2-YEARS AS BROADSPIRE HAS DONE.

For Steinbaum of Jacoby and Meyers, Broadspire and Turnberry’s lack of professionalism, conscience and compassion for a sick, injured old lady, they deserve to be exposed to the Judiciary Report’s millions of readers domestically and worldwide. Buyer beware.

There will be a follow up to this article and the contents thereof will be determined by the conduct of the aforementioned individuals and companies in the case from this moment forward…