Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lil Wayne Hospitalized With Another Seizure

Lil Wayne 

Rapper Lil Wayne was rushed to Cedars Sinai again suffering from another seizure. The rapper recently stated during an interview that he has epilepsy. As stated in the column previously, Wayne takes drugs like Ecstasy and sizzurp, which interact badly with anti-seizure medication. These seizures would not be breaking through in this manner if Wayne took his medicine everyday and abstained from drug use.

If Wayne remains on a committed pharma regimen and abstains from drug use, his health will vastly improve. Having epilepsy is like having diabetes or high blood pressure. You must watch what you put into your body and take your medicine as prescribed by your physician.

In the meantime Wayne is playing with fire and terrible toxicity levels in his body. If you don't stop, your loved ones will find you deceased. You have kids, who need you alive. You have to do better, if not for yourself, for them.