Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Could Chris Brown And Rihanna Benefit From Counseling Because...

I Can't Take This Ghetto Fabulous Drama Anymore More

Chris Brown

One minute they are together. The next they are not, with Rihanna airing all Chris Brown's business on Twitter and Instagram for attention. Brown keeps his flings quiet, but his jump-offs do not and neither does the press, who catch him in the act, while looking for stories to print.



 Some call them the new Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, but they never publicly aired their business like this. It took tell-alls and sellouts to apprise the public of what was going on with Brown and Houston. After nearly 20-years, Houston finally came clean in an interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey, to clear up all the misconceptions and false stories in the press. 

Could Rihanna and Chris Brown, if they choose to continue seeing each other after break up number 1,342,547, benefit from relationship counseling. She likes pushing his buttons and she is going to go too far again one day and it could end even worse than in did in 2009. Based on reports, it is the only relationship he's had that resulted in domestic violence. If it happened once, the same triggers can strike again, resulting in more trouble.