Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cops Drop Drug Case Against Amanda Bynes Citing Insufficient Evidence (Broken Bong)

Amanda Bynes

Mentally ill Kabbalah actress, Amanda Bynes, has scored a court victory in her New York drug case. Last week, Bynes was behaving in an erratic manner in the lobby of her New York apartment, prompting building staff to call the police. Police went to Bynes' 37th floor apartment to question her regarding the incident.

This prompted Bynes to throw her marijuana bong out the window, with the drug paraphernalia shattering on the ground below. Cops retrieve the bong, but it was broken in many pieces, damaging their case. As a result, the drug charges will not be pursued against Bynes, who has developed schizophrenic and is in serious need of psychiatric care.

It's been a sad fall from grace for the once wholesome girl next door, who played a variety of roles in teen oriented films and sitcoms. True to cult form, she is being isolated from her parents, who she is fighting against, while they try to help her. This simply is not right and something needs to be done about these cults destroying lives and breaking up families for financial gain.