Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rihanna Trying To Make Chris Brown Jealous With One Of His Rivals For Cheating On Her Again

Update: It's Chris Brown's dad who doesn't want his son dating Rihanna. The original article I read indicated it was Rihanna's dad, who's known for doing paid interviews.


Chris Brown

Immature and foolish Rihanna, is in another tailspin after her boyfriend, Chris Brown repeatedly cheated on her this month (in response to claims she slept with her opening act ASAP Rocky). As payback, Rihanna began following his rival, rapper, Drake, on Instagram and liking his pictures, trying to tick Brown off. This was not smart. All Brown is going to do is up the ante and start sexually pursuing one of her rivals (Ciara, Christina Milian, Karrueche Tran and others ect...).


You don't want to play with a guy like Brown, because he is not going to take the high road and sit in his house sad saying look what she did. He doesn't care and will behave even worse (which, by the way, Chris, is not sexually safe - stop playing with your health). Then you, Rihanna, will be the one crying even more.

Rihanna and her dad Ronald

Recently, Rihanna's dad, who used to beat up her mom, did another interview about her relationship with Brown. A few months ago he stated he wants Brown to marry his daughter (Uproar As Rihanna's Father States He Wants Her To Marry Chris Brown Who Is Already Cheating On Her). Now all of a sudden he is saying he never wanted them back together. Boy, some people will say and do anything for money in paid interviews. This must be where Rihanna gets it from...

Rihanna and Chris Brown unfollowing each other

Rihanna following Drake

Ironically, her dad compared her to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, which is hysterical, as Rihanna can't sing and is a fraud, who has made a career out of criminal copyright infringement and having sex with record executives for favors in Hollywood. Rihanna is nowhere near the caliber of Jackson or Houston. If she is a successful, legitimate singer, then Bernie Madoff is a successful, legitimate businessman.