Saturday, October 13, 2012

Justin Bieber Played A Prank Lying That His Laptop Was Stolen

Bieber Becomes The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj

18-year-old pop 'punk' Justin Bieber, pranked the internet yesterday, in claiming his laptop with certain "footage" had been stolen. He had people feeling sorry for him and trying to help him, when it was all a lie. I asked on Twitter yesterday, if the theft had been reported to the police, contained a sex tape or unreleased music. Turns out it was just the latter and a massive publicity for his new song with schizophrenic rapper Nicki Minaj, titled "Beauty and the Beat." Bieber punked the public in more ways than one and need to give the GoGos their 1986s album title back.

Bieber shouldn't cry wolf, as it can have unintended consequences. Immediately someone tried to claim a nude photo of the singer had leaked from his laptop, which sent curious preteens and teens looking for the pic online. That was not cool regarding the prank and whoever posted the very graphic nude photo. Little girls ages 5 and up don't need to be exposed to a photo of a pervy grown man playing with his penis in an internet pic.