Saturday, August 4, 2012

The FBI Kept Dirty Files On Marilyn Monroe They Are Too Embarrassed To Own Up To Now And Are Hiding Them

Marilyn Monroe

The FBI is doing its usual unlawful stonewalling, when faced with public humiliation in the face of how perverse and depraved the agency is, regarding acts of criminal invasion of privacy they've committed, in violation of the Constitution and US Code.

The Associated Press and other outlets have repeatedly made lawful Freedom of Information Act inquires, regarding the contents of files the FBI has kept on the late actress Marilyn Monroe. Now the FBI is flat out lying and hiding files, claiming they are missing. 

J Edgar Hoover was a cross dresser that owned a pink dress 

Files only go missing when they are placed in the "Secret File Room" to thwart Freedom of Information Act requests, stolen by an agent or unlawfully destroyed to cover damning illegal conduct by the agency. To this day, Congress has inexplicably been unable to get the FBI to release their full file on the late Martin Luther King Jr, a man they had murdered, according to past agents and historians.

The FBI at the time Monroe was alive, much like today, was headed up by a sexual pervert, who likes to pry into people's lives in very sick and insidious ways that are completely nasty. Former FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, a gay cross dresser, kept porn films and nude photos of stars and public figures, even using said items to blackmail them, into doing his bidding. Hoover's bathroom at his home also had a large catalogue of nude photos of various people for his own personal use.  

Current corrupt FBI Director Robert S. Mueller is even worse than Hoover
Hoover, like the current head of the FBI, believed he was to know what goes on in people's homes, in criminal violation of the law, as Congress never gave the agency any such authority. However, the Frankenstein that Congress created, known as the FBI, has done far more harm than good in world history, which will soon be shown once again.