Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Documentary Film 'Obama's America 2016' Rakes In Millions At The Box Office


"Obama's America 2016" website trailer located at: http://www.2016themovie.com

This is a follow up to the August 22, 2012 article Controversial Movie 'Obama’s America 2016' Featuring The President’s Brother IsPicking Up Speed At The Box Office. The numbers are in and the documentary film "Obama's America 2016" has made millions of dollars at the box office.

This came as a surprise blow to the Obama Administration, which was banking on Sony, who President Obama gave unprecedented access to classified materials in a move that was condemned in Washington as illegal, to release a glowing film about him to boost his chances of reelection.

However, conservatives released this stealth doco ahead of the election and are capitalizing on it in several ways, from the box office to the voting booth. Despite the Obama Administration and Hollywood attempting to thwart the film, by severely limiting the number of theatres it is being shown in and having mainstream newspapers not print show times and locations for the documentary, which is underhanded, disgraceful and a violation of free speech and free press, the movie is a success anyway.