Friday, August 24, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder Slammed In Congress For Regularly Using FBI's Private Jet Meant For Terrorism Missions

Eric Holder and President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama's Attorney General at the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, has come under fire for misusing private jets Congress bought at high prices with the taxpayers' money for the FBI to use on terrorism missions. Holder and his subordinate, FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, have been using the aircrafts as their own private jets, which shows an utter lack of class and decorum. As they say, act like you've been there before.

Previously, Mueller was slammed in Congress for said behavior. Now it's Holder's turn. In a recent congressional hearing, U.S. senators slammed and sternly questioned Holder regarding his inappropriate use of FBI airplanes meant for terrorism missions.

Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller
It was revealed Holder has been booking FBI private jets for personal use and in some instances not showing up at all, leaving the aircraft on the runway, with agents back at the office fuming, as they actually needed to use them for anti-terrorism missions. This misconduct is very unprofessional and wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money in prepping, fueling and staffing private jets to sit on the runway.

Hope they are enjoying themselves in the $20,000,000 private jets that cost tens of thousands of dollars to fuel and staff per trip, all on the American taxpayers' tab (sarcasm). Just so you know, when you indulge in such waste and luxury that you really are not entitled to, that's called stealing from the taxpayers, which makes you a low class thief. Is there any wonder America has gone broke.