Friday, August 24, 2012

The U.S. Economy Takes Another Nose Dive On Dismal Job Numbers And Negative Manufacturing Data

The press is calling President Barack Obama a "false prophet" who has prophesied and promised much, but failed to deliver as his words and guarantees have not come true.

The U.S. economy has taken another negative plunge, as the jobless rate rose against last week. Factory data was negative as well. The news on the job market and manufacturing sector in America sent stocks tumbling on Wall Street. Investors are very nervous.

It is further proof America is still mired in a financial depression, not recession, as the problem with economic erosion, beginning in 2008, has continued unabated for years. The financial sector is in bad shape and with good reason, the Obama Administration and its federal government components the FBI and SEC have refused to clean up corporate America, removing the criminals that are wreaking havoc.

The once solid economic balance in America has been destroyed thanks to criminals in the corporate sector. America has become a country where innocent people toil for years, putting in hard work, then have nothing to show for it, due to unemployment, foreclosure and financial fraudsters

With millions of Americans unemployed and facing foreclosure, the economic outlook looks grim. A change is needed to stop America from falling any lower down the global economic ladder that it once topped.