Monday, July 2, 2012

New Zealand Court Rules Against The FBI In The MegaUpload Piracy And Copyright Infringement Case

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

This is a follow up to the June 8. 2012 article FBI Accused Of Breaking International Law In Taking Evidence In Megaupload Piracy And Copyright Infringement Case, where the Judiciary Report stated the Federal Bureau Of Investigation acted illegally in the matter. The courts in New Zealand agree with the Judiciary Report and ruled that the FBI's conduct in the case and their country during the raid on the home of MegaUpload's founder KimDotCom was illegal. 

Once again, Hollywood has brought the FBI international and domestic disgrace. FBI arrogantly ran roughshod over the New Zealand government, much like they did in India, Jamaica and Britain to very negative results. When is the FBI going to learn to respect other people's borders and nations. At the FBI there is a an absolute hatred and contempt for all things foreign. No one respects the Department of Justice or FBI anymore as a result of this abusive, hateful behavior.

President Obama needs to wake up and realize the things transpiring in his administration are doing America a great disservice in the world. You’ve got a gun trafficker at the Department of Justice (Eric Holder) that has caused the deaths of hundreds of people on two sides of the border (America and Mexico). You've also got a hateful NEO Nazi running the FBI (Robert S. Mueller) who openly hates and discriminates against Muslims and blacks, as attested by many lawsuits filed against this many in unrelated cases.

Under the two aforementioned men, you have vile U.S. attorneys making nasty, racist, hateful statements in court documents spitting on the Civil Rights Act, stating it "did not give black people equal rights in America" - therefore criminals can do as they please to blacks as, "It would not have mattered anyway."

What kind of show are you running Obama. You clearly do not have your political house under control, because you would be out of your mind to condone and agree with this criminal and cruel behavior emanating from your cabinet and appointees. The worst part is the Department of Justice and its agency the FBI are supposed to be federal law enforcement and they are breaking the law more than anyone.
Do you really think this madness makes the government look good. People all over the nation and in the world are wondering what is going on at the DOJ and FBI that such brazenly bad conduct is transpiring and for all to see. No one is impressed. People are alarmed and aghast.

You are the President of the United States of America. You are supposed to have that under control, but you clearly don’t. That does not inspire confidence. Neither does covering up for criminals such as Holder and Mueller, with people around the world stating they are breaking the law.

And make no mistake, when you illegally traffic guns into another nation and cause the deaths of several hundred people in doing so, you are a massive criminal. When you illegally wiretap millions of Americans, spy on people through their phones and  in their homes via computers and webcams and torture and threat to kill US citizens that do not do your illegal bidding, you are a massive criminal. You need to get a hold of yourselves.