Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Justin Bieber Is Trying To Toughen His Image

…But In A Dangerous Way

Justin Bieber inappropriately grabbing his, well, bieber. Now I know full well that does not help you sing better or is that how you hit the high notes (Photo Credit: X17).

Justin Bieber’s appearance, music videos, speech and conduct have been growing increasingly edgy. So much so, some are worried. The Bieber is trying to be a rebel and it has gotten him into legal trouble, due to speeding and in a separate incident, assaulting a photographer.

Some PR executives in Hollywood believe getting arrested or attracting police attention is a sure fire way to increase album or movie sales. However, Bieber’s sales have not experienced any kind of major boom from his run-ins with the law and it is ruining his good guy image to impressionable fans.