Monday, July 16, 2012

The FBI Says George Zimmerman Is Not Racist But How Would They Know After Having Been Sued Numerous Times For Racism


George Zimmerman in court

The FBI has questionably issued a report stating murderer George Zimmerman, who killed underage 17-year-old African-American minor, Trayvon Martin, after stalking and harassing him in Florida, is not a racist. 

Trayvon Martin

It's hard to take the FBI seriously in this matter for two reasons. Zimmerman repeatedly called 911 in America to report suspicious black males in his neighborhood, as young as age 7. Secondly, the FBI has been sued many times for acts of racism against blacks, Hispanics and Arab civilians and FBI agents.

Trayvon Martin and his dad Tracey Martin

It has been my personal experience that the FBI is the most hateful, racist, vicious, corrupt and treacherous law enforcement agency in the world. The FBI are pure evil. They have cost many people their health and lives (in more ways than one, as a forthcoming scandal shall attest).

FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller

The FBI has a terrible history of racism. Former agents and historians even stated it was former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover that retained a man to assassinate civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. This recent story regarding the FBI and Zimmerman would be the equivalent of Hitler having pronounced fellow Nazis people who are not anti-Semitic. There's a serious credibility issue present.