Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Singer Usher And Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Fighting It Out In Court Again


Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster 

Singer Usher Raymond and his wife Tameka Foster Raymond have been fighting it out in court over spousal and child support. According to TMZ, Usher doesn't want to pay anymore money and seeks to evict his ex-wife from the $4,000,000 Roswell, Georgia mansion they once shared. 

Tameka maintains she will have no where to live with their two sons. Usher feels he gives her enough in support payments for her to find somewhere else. However, in all likelihood, the property will not be as lavish as the Roswell mansion, which is one of Atlanta's oldest and richest neighborhoods. 

If Usher had listened to the Judiciary Report, which he has read for years and not marred Foster, none of this would have happened (Singer Usher Files For Divorce). Use your head Usher, how would it hurt or affect the Judiciary Report if you did or did not marry Foster? It didn't do anything on this end, as the sun continues to rise and set. Neither outcome would have had an impact on the Judiciary Report. However, the site is on the side of truth and as was to be expected, some people don't like that. 

But Usher opted to tell off his fans for criticizing her and decided to teach everyone a lesson by marrying the recent divorcée, who abandoned her husband and kids to be with him. Looks like Usher is the one that was taught a lesson and a costly one at that.