Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama It Is Finally Coming Home To Rebekah Brooks That She Is In Trouble And News Corp And Rupert Murdoch Aren't Saving Her


As the Judiciary Report has maintained for years, not all publicity is good publicity. When bad publicity sticks, public perception will become your new reality and can turn the tide against you in the criminal justice system. Rebekah Brooks is finding this out the hard way, as she and those in her inner circle have been hit with serious charges in the phone hacking scandal.

Brooks is one of Rupert Murdoch's favorite scapegoats and the woman he got to do much of his dirty work at his company News International/News Corp. Now she is staring prison in the face in the phone hacking scandal. Yesterday, you could see it in Brooks shocked and saddened eyes that for the first time it has finally come home to her she is in trouble. Brooks looked like she wanted to burst into tears while giving a speech on the serious charges, which could be amended at a later date to reflect more misconduct.

Charlie Brooks and his tearful wife Rebekah Brooks yesterday after being charged (Photo Credit: Alan Davidson)

As stated previously, corrupt Murdoch made his employees feel they could commit any crime and he would buy or bully their way out of it, using his questionably acquired wealth and news outlets. But this time the whiff of prison came too close to home and he let many of his top employees take the fall for him and his vile, greedy family.

Not only is Brooks in trouble, so are the "people closest" to her, in a development that has devastated her. Her husband Charlie Brooks is probably sorry he married her, as he has been charged in the scandal for trying to dispose of incriminating evidence for her, as has her personal assistant, Cheryl Carter. 


Rupert Murdoch: suckers!

So serious is the writing on the wall, a mainstream outlet published the article "A tabloid tale - the rise and fall of Rebekah Brooks." Former editor Brooks should know better than most what it means when a journalist hits you with the rise and fall tag. Brooks is now on the receiving end of the same type of hard hitting and salacious stories she used to level at others, who hated it. She clearly does not know how to handle it. 

Brooks should not have listened to Murdoch, who a year ago, told her this story would blow over in, well, one year. Yet, one year on and she has been criminally charged in the phone hacking scandal. In all the things Murdoch taught Brooks about being ruthless and treacherous, he self-servingly and deliberately didn't teach her one of the most vital lessons, always remember to cover your butt. After all, he needed somebody to take the fall for him, so why would he teach her that...