Saturday, May 26, 2012

Obama At Odds With The Church Over Mandatory Birth Control Political Policies


Barack Obama

The fairly new healthcare plan of U.S. President Barack Obama has caused conflict and offense with the church. Some Christians do not believe in mandatory birth control, which is a dictate of President Obama's widely criticized healthcare plan. As I Christian, I think ethical birth control pills that prevent pregnancy, not abort the fruits thereof, are fine, as you are telling your body you do not wish to get pregnant at this time (though, I should note I have never used birth control). 

However, I respect and understand the decisions of Christians that do not use birth control, which is their right. Like the majority of Christians, I do not believe in abortion and do not support the idea of tax dollars being used for such purposes. The government should be respectful of people's religious and personal beliefs and not try to force decisions on the populace that offend their ethics. Christians will not be inclined to vote for someone that does so.