Monday, May 14, 2012

Is The FBI Right To Demand A Backdoor To Your Websites And Blogs

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller 

Racist FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, who has been slammed in Congress and the press, for invading the privacy of Americans and international citizens, is at it again. This time deceitful Mueller is demanding backdoor access to all websites on the internet, without the knowledge or consent of the owners. I ask, do you want the FBI having a backdoor to your websites and blogs, to do as they please. This is after all the agency that outrageously wiretapped 27,000,000 phone calls in one year, in a massive overreach and violation of privacy.

U.S. President Barack Obama and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

The problem with their latest demand is it will suffer the same problems past FBI spying has encountered - widespread abuses throughout the agency. Websites will be open to surreptitious editing, with item and article deletions that webmasters may not spot immediately, until they opt to refer to it at a later date and find it gone.

Mueller in Congress last week looking shifty

I'm speaking from experience, as a few articles I have written and published online at the Judiciary Report about the FBI, were hacked, the agency's logo repeatedly removed and items in the text altered, which becomes apparent when the version of the site that is published online, all of a sudden differs from original copy of the site backed up on hard disc (DVD-ROM). The FBI cannot be trusted with the privilege of having backdoors to people's sites and blogs, courtesy of hosting companies and software manufacturers they demand the right from. As history has shown, they will abuse it.