Friday, May 18, 2012

Black People Publicly Slam President Barack Obama For Promoting Gay Marriage Stating They Will Not Vote For Him Again

Barack Obama

A stream of angry calls came in to the famous hip hop New York radio station Hot 97, slamming President Barack Obama's decision to support gay marriage. The calls were mostly from black people, denouncing Obama's announcement in pushing for gay marriage, stating they will not be voting for him in the 2012 election this November.

The Judiciary Report has consistently maintained Hollywood keeps getting Obama into trouble and they've done it again. The ironic part is when Obama is voted out of office (which polls continue to indicate), they will dump him like yesterday's news, in favor of trying to bribe and buy the next president and congress with donations, into doing their bidding.

President Obama has let Hollywood use him and it has hurt his name, legacy and interests in an enormous way. Gay Hollywood has irreparably damaged the first black president of the United States. Disgraceful.
At the end of the day, the gay marriage issue goes against the religion of billions of people all over the world (Christians and Muslims). Trying to force that on people, is to ask others to defy their religion, for what is an alternative lifestyle and a personal sexual choice you have made.

Vilifying and attempting to financially and personally harm and destroy those that disagree with gay marriage, especially people of faith in the public eye adhering to their religion, will and has only caused public hatred, making people push back even harder to protect their religion. Leave people's religion alone. To try to change other people's religion to suit your chosen lifestyle is out of line and patently wrong and offensive.

If you want to be gay that is your choice, but don't try to force it on others, lest you threaten, bully and destroy them, which high profile homosexuals in Hollywood have unlawfully done to innocent people that peacefully disagreed with them. It's not a good look. That's the definition of intolerance - people won't see things your way, so you do all you can to destroy them for it.

I've seen Hollywood gays in action in this regard, unlawfully acting against religious people that peacefully and constitutionally disagree with gay marriage and their sexual orientation. They go around calling banks demanding they put people's homes and businesses into foreclosure for peacefully and constitutionally disagreeing with the gay lifestyle for religious reasons.

They go around calling manufactures, suppliers and business clients, demanding they stop doing business with and discriminate against religious people for peacefully and constitutionally disagreeing with the gay lifestyle.

They pay private investigators to follow, harass, phone hack and wiretap people and their families that peacefully and constitutionally disagree with the gay lifestyle. They swamp religious people with vitriolic and sometimes threatening hate mail, emails and calls, for peacefully and constitutionally disagreeing with the gay lifestyle.

Hollywood gays literally try to savage and destroy people for this. They need to get a hold of themselves. Hollywood gays are some of the most hateful, vicious, vengeful people on the planet that do the gay community no favors with their terrible, abusive conduct and outright bullying of others, who peacefully and constitutionally disagree with them.

They selfishly don't think about who their conduct will harm, even if it hurts the children of religious people they unethically target. No collateral damage is too much. Even if the collateral damage is the first black president of the United States, in something the black community in America and around the world, is never going to forget or think well of Hollywood for.

Hollywood actor, George Clooney and the high profile gays that attended the party at his home a week ago in Hollywood, with the expressed intent to get President Obama to publicly endorse gay marriage, in exchange for millions in campaign donations, didn't give a rat's behind about what it would do to him or his legacy in the black community or religious world. Well, you got your wish. He endorsed gay marriage and now he has lost untold millions of votes, as polls are now reflecting. I hope you're happy (sarcasm).