Friday, May 18, 2012

U.S. Senator Schumer Speaks About Facebook Founder Like He Is A Runaway Slave For Leaving America

Barack Obama and Democrats harassing Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin for peacefully leaving America

In an appallingly disgraceful display from a lawmaker in the U.S. Congress, Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, slammed Brazilian born Facebook founder, Eduardo Saverin, for renouncing his acquired American citizenship and moving to Singapore. Saverin immigrated to America from Brazil with his wealthy family as a teenager. The family lived in Miami, Florida for years and Saverin became a U.S. citizen in 1998. He renounced his U.S. citizenship on April 30, 2012.

Schumer spoke of Saverin in terms that one would think the tech genius is a runaway slave that needed to be retrieved or punished, as a headline correctly summed it up as, "Dem senators introduce bill to punish Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin." How vindictive and vile.

Is his name Kunta Kinte Saverin. Did Mr. Schumer and the senator that cosponsored the bill, Democrat, Bob Casey, buy Saverin at a slave auction, thus making him their property, to do as they command. When you bark about people in those terms and from the U.S. Congress of all places, that's the impression in gives.

Let's get something straight. You didn't make Saverin or anyone else - God did. Voluntarily come down off your high horse before God does it for you.

What's ironic is Saverin has created more jobs in America with his intellectual property (Facebook) than Schumer or Casey have or ever will. Saverin has put more money via taxes into the U.S. Treasury than Schumer or Casey have or ever will. So if one is to judge who is a great American based on how much taxes they pay, which is basically what Schumer and Casey's proposed bill is implying, Saverin would rank very high and they would rank quite low.

Schumer referred to Saverin's departure as something that is apart of a "despicable trend." You know what the Judiciary Report thinks is a "despicable trend"? The obscene amount of money Congress and Obama Administration keeps spending in taxpayer money, with squat to show for it. But I digress...

Eduardo Saverin peacefully and quietly left America two weeks ago for "personal reasons" and is being attacked for it by the Obama Administration, Congress and some in the press. Why all the ruckus. Let the man be.

If Congress thinks people leaving America is a "despicable trend" the legislature needs to look itself in the mirror and ask why people are doing so. Currently, the Obama Administration has and continues to abuse its powers at the FBI, SEC and IRS, to unlawfully harass and punish people and companies that do not sing the praises of Barack Obama, which is corrupt and unconstitutional. I ask you, how does such misconduct make America better or stronger. It has made the nation weaker and poorer.

Schumer and Casey's bill is another abusive move in that same vein. Sponsoring a vindictive, mean, slavetrader sounding congressional bill, is not going to stop anyone from leaving America, nor will it entice future businessmen and women to come to the country with their ideas and investments, as the Saverins, among others, did years ago.

They will look at how Saverin and others are being treated for expanding their horizons and living in a different part of the world and opt against going to or investing in America. They will forgo the nation, thinking to themselves, if at any time I choose to live somewhere else, I will be vindictively maligned in public and maliciously pursued by the U.S. government, seeking to harm me for a peaceful, personal choice. That's a risk most will not want to take.

What is being said about Saverin and the vengeful actions being taken, because he as a human being with rights, chose to freely move about the world, is disgraceful. Saverin and others are crazily being punished by a group of arrogant senators, acting like their personal slave property ran away. It is not Congress' finest hour. It is one of its worst.

Schumer and Casey are acting like a boyfriend after a break-up with a girl that has moved on. It's the equivalent of Schumer and Casey chasing Saverin down the street and into the airport screaming, "You can't quit me" and "I'll get you for this."

Mark Zuckerberg

I find it odd that Mr. Schumer and Mr. Casey think threatening, bullying and barking foul legislation at someone from the floor of Congress is going to make them want to stay. If anything, it would reaffirm a person's decision to leave. What's next with Congress, will certain senators do what Hollywood has done in maliciously, fraudulently, crazily and obsessively filing a lawsuit over a person lawfully leaving America (yes, they've done that in another case, but more on that in another article to be published shortly).

Some are describing Saverin's departure as a tax dodge. However, the reported "$67,000,000" in taxes he allegedly dodged is nothing to Saverin, who is worth $3 billion dollars (Saverin only owns 4% of Facebook, after being robbed by greedy, disgraceful Mark Zuckerberg, as seen in the movie "The Social Network").

Saverin stated of his move to Singapore, "I did not think once about my position related to tax savings. The whole idea that that was important to me or part of my consideration is not accurate...simplicity of focus so that my time and efforts can be spent on what matters to me. If I chose to open a bank account locally in Singapore, most of the banks would not accept me in having a fully functional bank account."

Saverin lists his departure as one based in "personal reasons." If you watched the movie "The Social Network" you really shouldn't be surprised he left. I can't imagine the nasty, horrible, contentious, corrupted legal battle and the foul, disdainful way Saverin was treated by crook Mark Zuckerberg, didn't weight on his decision to depart. That whole experience would leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth. Life is too short to have one's quality of life drained by such terrible events. No amount of money can compensate for that.

"The Social Network" movie

Zuckerberg is a little thief and he needs to stop pretending he is otherwise. He stole the idea for Facebook from the Winklevoss twins, then Suckerberg as he is called by some online, suckered Saverin, his roommate, into giving him money ($30,000) and his mathematical code (algorithm) to build the site that became Facebook.

Saverin's algorithm was invaluable to Facebook, because Zuckerberg couldn't get the site to work without. Saverin brought a lot to the table in intellectual property and via funding the project now known as Facebook. Congress owes him some gratitude for the jobs and international acclaim Facebook has created, not the unhinged contempt of a group of vengeful senators, disgracing the legislature.

Saverin and the Winklevoss twins are the parents of the baby that is Facebook. Zuckerberg is the nurse that helped to deliver the baby, who then stole it. By right and under the law, he should be in prison for what he did, as it constituted criminal copyright infringement, fraud, bank fraud, grand theft larceny, conspiracy to defraud and racketeering, among other charges.

Zuckerberg is a glorified webmaster. Webmastering is a job I've done for 11-years, so I know it when I see it. At most Zuckerberg should have been given a set fee of a few thousand dollars for designing the website Facebook that was someone else's idea, project and computer code. When you look at Google, it is a detailed algorithm that is worth billions. Much like Saverin's algorithm is worth billions, all of which he has not received after being ripped off by Zuckerberg.

What makes a great site is the idea behind it and its contents, not necessarily the aesthetic design by the webmaster. There are some sites that are great to look at, but that's all you do and don't visit often, because its contents is airheaded and boring (some of you know men and women like that as well).

Then there are other sites that have a basic design without all the bells and whistles, but the idea and content causes you to visit often. Look at Drudge Report. The design is pretty basic, downright archaic, but the idea behind it and contents are what made it a hit. But I digress again...

Charles Schumer and Bob Casey

In the end, Saverin and the Winklevoss twins got screwed out of 99% of what was due to them, tens of billions of dollars, while that little weasel Zuckerberg goes around the world taking full credit and most of the money, $20 billion dollars, for something he stole, Facebook.

Zuckerberg is one of the biggest thieves in history and has been recorded as such thanks to "The Social Network." That's one of the great things about film. It immortalizes a story for everyone to see indefinitely. The Facebook story is and continues to be a great injustice that needs to be corrected.

Saverin was robbed of tens of billions of dollars and now Congress is forming legislation to try and rip him off some more, after all he did for America and after the unconscionable things Zuckerberg did to him. Zuckerberg didn't make Saverin rich, it's the other way around. Saverin's family already had money when they came to America and now Congress is trying to take as much of that money as possible.

Something has profoundly gone wrong in the system. The government needs to stop whining about people leaving and ask itself what in the legal system and legislature is causing such things to happen, regarding people leaving, seeking other places to live and do business. Congress and the Obama Administration know the answer. They are just too embarrassed and ashamed to admit they are a big part of the problem.
But go ahead with the acts of malice, as the nation and world are watching and shall judge you by it forever. So shall God.