Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now That Presidential Polls Put Mitt Romney Ahead Of Barack Obama What Will Be His New Political Strategy

Obama: will you vote for me
Little boy: sorry dude, I can't, I'm not old enough

Now that polls reveal former Massachusetts Governor and current Republican frontrunner, Mitt Romney, is leading incumbent Democrat ,President Barack Obama in the polls for the presidency of the United States, what will be the Commander-in-Chief's new strategy. Polls are indicating Romney is set to be the next President of the United States. He is being buoyed by his business background and estimated personal wealth of $250,000,000, at a time the nation sits in a deep financial crisis that has harmed and hurt many citizens.

People are hopeful Romney will remedy the financial crisis, initiated by former head of state, George W. Bush, where President Obama has been unable to, due to bad economic policies favoring the rich, pushed to him by select Wall Street titans, out of pure self-interest and not love of nation (more like love of offshore bank accounts).

President Obama has six months until the next election to fix this. Tall order in such a short space of time, when he disregarded truthful, pertinent, relevant public advice from the Judiciary Report for the past 3 and a 1/2 years, regarding not getting sucked in and suckered by the rich, when shaping his political policies. The site is read by many in the Obama Administration, among others, according to site statistics and many articles the Judiciary Report authored on Obama and others, LATER proved 100% true and accurate. I wrote those items for a reason.

It's a shame, because Obama really could have helped many people, who are in serious financial jeopardy and suffering as a result of it. Remember, former President Bill Clinton did it, where a record number of lower income people and middle class, were able to own homes and gain jobs, so it is not impossible. If only Bubba had kept his zipper up, but that's another story.

Mitt Romney

Having been raised in a political environment, due to my politically active dad, from a very young age I was made privy to how government works. I saw where Obama could go wrong when he entered office, wrote about and warned against it, then later he sadly did, in a number of missteps that should have and could have been avoided.

Me personally, I'd rather leave office having upset the rich with higher taxes, while helping the poor and middle class with no new taxes, but job creation and deficit reduction from said increase in tax revenues, as they are the masses and in need of the most care. As opposed to only making the rich richer, who didn't need the financial help in the first place, which sadly, is what President Obama has done. They've conned you and your legacy is going to bear the brunt of it.