Friday, April 20, 2012

Madonna's Kabbalah Fleeced Dementia Victim Out Of $600,000 And Took Out Multi-Million Dollar Loan In Her Name To Build Mansion

UPDATE: This article was hacked by Madonna's Kabbalah hackers in felonious acts known as malicious "computer abuse." 

Whoever told Madonna that looked good lied

Madonna's Kabbalah cult fleeced 87-year-old dementia sufferer, Susan Strong Davis, out of $600,000 in cash. According to the Los Angeles Times, the wealthy widow's accountant is entertainment industry money manager, John E. Larkin, who is also a member of the sick cult headed up by Madonna and the Berg family (Philip Berg, Karen Berg, Yehuda Berg and Michael Berg). 

Kabbalah's Philip Berg, 82, and wife, Karen, 69

In addition to stealing Davis' money, they also took out a multi-million dollar loan in her name to fund the construction of a lavish Beverly Hills mansion. Beverly Hills is also the city in California the Bergs and Madonna reside, in massive mansions bought with ill-gotten gains.

Behind the doors of the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, a great number of financial crimes and human rights abuses transpire on a daily basis. Other outposts of the cult are engaging in crimes as well.

Madonna and the Bergs have become very rich off stealing others money and property, in conduct that is positively criminal and felonious. However, bribes have been issued to the FBI's Director, Robert S. Mueller, which has facilitated their freedom from facing justice in a court of law and imprisonment.