Saturday, April 28, 2012

Justin Bieber Says His Fans Nicknames For His Penis Are Inappropriate

They Need A Cold Shower

Justin Bieber

It appears the fans of 18-year-old pop star, Justin Bieber, have named his wee wee "Jerry." Why they chose that name or named it at all, is a mystery. When Bieber discovered they named his male parts, he responded, “My fans are a little inappropriate. It’s funny. I mean, I dunno, my fans are kinda inappropriate, but it’s funny.”

I wonder what his girlfriend Selena Gomez has to say about this (rhetorical). She is so possessive of Bieber and gets jealous very easily. His audience was not very fond of her to begin with, then she dissed them, in a song, which made them dislike her even more.


Justin Bieber Says Fans Are ‘Inappropriate’ for Naming His Naughty Bits

Apr 26, 2012 9:55am - Considering the fact that many of Justin Bieber‘s fans aren’t yet legal, this story is kind of disturbing. During a radio interview in London this week, Bieber discussed the fact that his Beliebers have given his naughty bits a nickname: “Jerry” ...