Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Human Toll Of The News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal Is Very High

Families Broken Up And Relationships Destroyed

Sienna Miller

The News Corp phone hacking scandal has left a terrible toll on its victim. The human toll and personal damage is lasting and ugly. It has broken up many families and relationships. The knowledge and feeling of knowing you were perversely spied on, family traumas and troubles laid bare to criminals.

Being spied on by people who were not supposed to be listening to your calls, reading your emails or spying on you via what is known as "roving" mobile phone bugs and other criminal techniques, such as hacking your phone/laptop to surreptitiously turn on the camera/video camera on the units to watch you in secret.

This was all done in the name of profit and perversion by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, but it severely damaged marriages and families in the process. Designer Sadie Frost lost her marriage, when she and her husband turned on each other, wondering how so much of their private lives centered in their home, kept hitting the front pages of newspapers in scandal after scandal.

Rupert Murdoch

They did not realize Murdoch and his sick company News International/News Corp were invading their privacy, spying on them in their homes, then printing what they heard and saw, for financial profit. It was also revealed, Murdoch spied on Frost's then husband, actor Jude Law on American shores as well as in Britain.

Actress, Sienna Miller, began fighting with her family, believing they were selling her secrets to the tabloids, as items she only discussed with them over the phone in her home, kept ending up in Murdoch's papers. She stopped trusting her family and they turned on each other, as she believed they had betrayed her, when they had not.

There are many more examples of this in the phone hacking scandal, which is why the Murdoch family, its hackers and private investigators, a number of which have been sued in Britain in civil court. They should face significant prison sentences, for emotional trauma, destroying people's lives and businesses, stealing copyrighted property and trade secrets, via phone hacking, computer hacking and other methods of illegal invasion of privacy for profit. The terrible extremes some go to in order to greedily get undue financial gains is sick. News Corp is such a lawless and despicable company damaging the public.

[Article background: this is another in the series of phone hacking articles the Judiciary Report has published, regarding a scandal I broke first in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. 30 people have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police since the time I filed the complaint. However, the Murdochs and other key conspirators remain free and the FBI has not arrested anyone, though the crimes began and continue in News Corp's New York headquarters].


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